Workout Tips

Whatever reason is behind your wanting to gain some muscle; you have come to the right place. The never ending search for ways to build muscle has made a lot of guys try literally anything in a bid to gain extra muscle or just to experience better results. All the newly emerging groundbreaking techniques have made us forget about some of the most important things. Today, to provide you with the finest tips to help build muscle we are going to go back to the basics. With the information that follows, you will actually be able to build the muscle and sculpt your physique to the chiseled chest and sleeve-busting biceps you have always wanted.


The higher the amount of protein your body stores, the bigger your muscles grow. However, there is constant draining of protein reserves by the body in a range of other uses such as the production of hormones. This consequently decreases the amount of protein that is available for the building of muscles. One of the most efficient way to increase muscle strength is to counter that process. Therefore, you have to increase the rate of building and storage of proteins in your body to beat the rate of the breakdown of old proteins by the body.


To actually gain muscle, your body requires a higher amount of calories, therefore you must eat more for instance by increasing your calorific intake by 500 every day. When it comes to proteins, aim for around 1 gram of protein for every pound of your body weight. The mathematics behind that is that it is the approximate amount of protein your body can use in a single day. This is among the best tips to help build muscle and it is actually based on the latest clinical studies on muscle building. In addition, not eating enough could restrict the rate at which your body builds up new proteins. Ensure that you consume protein at a rate of say 20 g in every three hours.


If you have been training for some time, focus on the larger muscle groups such as the back, chest and back. Blend in some pullups, deadlifts, squats and bench presses to your workout regimen. Carry out at least 2 sets of about 10 repetitions with in-between rest periods of 1 minute. On the other hand, if you are a beginner, almost any workout will be sufficient enough to boost your protein synthesis for muscle building.


Among the tips to help build muscle, most people don’t really think this is important, but that is a rookie mistake. You should know that most of your muscle grow when in the course of your resting period and not when you are training. You can do a full-body training routine the follow it with a day of resting. And remember, feed on more carbs on your resting days for faster rebuilding of muscle since they will increase the levels of your insulin, subsequently slow down the rate at which protein is broken down!