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Beyond Human Testosterone Booster

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Beyond humanHave a low sex drive? Can’t satisfy your partner? Losing your patient and stamina? Beyond Human Testosterone Booster is for you!

Testosterone has a vital role to play in sex drive, stamina and mood. A minute change in the level, should be taken as a sign of alarm. Experts say that this is part and parcel of aging. It is a powerful hormone that controls sex drive, aids in the regulation of sperm production, boosts energy, muscle mass and also regulates the overall behavior of a man.

Testosterone and Aging

With age, the level of testosterone decreases. You start to gain weight, lose your sex drive and energy. But with regular workout and exercise, you can regulate the level of testosterone. However, this alone cannot help. You need something extra, something more powerful, effective and impactful. Beyond Human Testosterone Booster helps the body to produce the adequate level of testosterone and reverse the symptoms altogether.

Proprietary Formula of Beyond Human Testosterone Booster:

  1. Tribulus Terrestris – This component is an energy booster. It helps the body to produce testosterone in its own natural way. Through this component, the pituitary gland releases an enhanced amount of luteinizing hormone that further boosts the testicles to increase testosterone production level. Tribulus Terrestris not only induces energy but also enhances one’s sex drive too!
  2. Cordyceps Sinensis – This component is also called the magic mushroom because it is an aphrodisiac. The properties present in Cordyceps Sinensis regulates sexual thoughts and transforms them into hormonal urge.

Beyond Human Testosterone Booster is a dietary supplement and a powerful one. It is formulated scientifically and made to increase the level of free testosterone, vitality, energy, libido and sex drive.


  1. Increases testosterone production
  2. Boosts potency and erection
  3. Improves sex life
  4. Enhances muscular strength
  5. Overall health is sustained and improved
  6. It is made with all natural ingredients
  7. The product is available with a money back guarantee


  1. Not FDA approved
  2. Not for women and individuals under 18

Ingredients in Beyond Human Testosterone Booster

Beyond Human Testosterone Booster consists of vitamin B6 and B12, zinc and a proprietary concoction of eurycoma longifolia, fenugreek extract, rhodiola rosea extract, saw palmetto extract, fatty acids, salidrosides and astaxanthin.


Consuming Beyond Human Testosterone Booster in its right dosage, will help you experience faster results. Within weeks you will feel both healthy and active. The solution is clinically approved and made with natural ingredients. It is both easy and safe to use. Men, of any age can consume this solution. It is manufactured in a GMP certified lab, in the US.

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